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Share a Charmin Story

Have you experienced the worst of the worst? Whether it’s bad service, terrible airplane or theater seatmate, a horrible movie, a defective product or anything else, Top Five for Fighting wants to give you a chance to dump all over it  Send us your stories, and we’ll select two stories to read during the second podcast of the month. Don’t worry if we don’t pick your story. We’ll also be reading more stories for bonus minisodes for our Patreon contributors. Submit your story now,  and don’t forget to include “Charmin Story” in the subject line.

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Share a Florida. True. Story.

Florida is famous for its beaches, sunshine, alligators, and people who are downright weird and crazy. You may have heard Mike sharing stories on the podcast of some weird things that he has witnessed Florida people do.  Have you witnessed some truly outrageous or strange Floridians behavior? Share your True Florida Story with us. We’ll read a True Florida Story during the second podcast of each month. If we don’t pick your story for the regular podcast, we may still read your story during a bonus minisodes for our Patreon contributors. Submit your story, and be sure to include “Florida Story” in the subject line.