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Mike Reacts: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

As a lifelong Star Wars Fan, I can say it has been a fantastic ride. Bumpy and rough at times yes, but amazing. When the Star Wars celebration last Friday was going on, I admit I was hitting that refresh button hard and fast like it was Nancy Kerrigan’s knee.

We can all admit that The Last Jedi left a very sour taste in the mouths of even the most devoted fans. I am no different. After the first screening, I left the theater confused and not sure what to think. Then after another re-watch of The Empire Strikes Back months later, the hate began to flow through me as the Emperor wanted. "Empire Luke" was a fighter full of determination to save his friends and feared no one. This was "My Luke." In Episode VIII, "My Luke" was reduced to a dinosaur teat milk-drinking hermit who didn't want to join the fight for "reasons."

We’ve all had that high school sweetheart that ripped your heart out and left you in a pool of tears. We’ve also had that buddy that reaches his hand out and says, "Get up buddy, let's go to a party and move on." J.J. Abrams, you are that buddy and that hand being extended is The Rise of Skywalker. In a world filled with Rotten Tomato trolls that lurk like a bunch of hungry alligators in their pond waiting for some drunk snowbird to step in the water to get their ball, I refuse to follow that trend. I'm ready to be hopeful.

The trailer begins with Rey in what looked to be Tatooine firing up "My Luke’s" light saber. (Don't even ask how it got fixed, I don't care. It’s fixed. Shut your mouth and move on.) In the distance, we hear and see a TIE fighter screaming toward her. Instant chills and goosebumps as she runs away, but at the last second pulls a monster Force-fueled back flip with Inception-level music. From that second forward everything about this trailer felt like "My Star Wars."

This is clearly not The Last Jedi, so I refuse to approach that way. Chewie and Lando in the Millennium Falcon were like a shot of adrenaline that brought me back to The Return of the Jedi, and it was awesome.

Will this move be good? No one knows. Is there any reason to think that J.J. will deliver a dud and ruin the franchise in the final sendoff of the Skywalker saga? Based on this trailer, I don’t see any. Hopefully, you don't either because, after all, isn't the overall theme of this franchise HOPE?

I am all in J.J. , and I am counting down the days.

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