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Mike's Take: John Wick 3

A few weeks ago we as movie fans were treated to the end all be all of the movies in Avengers: Endgame (See what I did there?). In our Endgame review episode: I said that I honestly felt that we could not expect to see any movie which would offer as much excitement as Endgame in a while. Well, I went to see John Wick 3: Parabellum today and John double-tapped… I mean, triple-tapped... actually, quadruple-tapped that belief right out of my head. This movie had me hanging on every scene it had to offer.

First, let’s get something straight. I am the movie nerd that likes pretty much everything and even can find enjoyment in most of the movies I watch. I crave the crazy, I relish the ridiculous ( looking at you Hobbs and Shaw) and just enjoy the flat out escape you can find in movies as a whole. The John Wick series came out of nowhere and starred an actor that everyone loves to mock based his roles in the Bill and Ted movies, Speed, The Matrix and is pretty much considered an actor of limited range. John Wick totally blew me away with one the most basic and simple movie plots ever. The good guy is a retired assassin, good guy loses wife, wife leaves him a surprise puppy, bad guys kill the puppy, and good guy kills… well everyone. Simple, brilliant, and executed ( pun intended) flawlessly. If you are still reading, it is safe to assume that you are a fan of this series. So let us proceed.

The third installment of John Wick gives you everything you would expect based on the first two movies but also offers an expanded look into the criminal underworld that John was a part of and from which he was trying to escape. The deeper dive into this world and added a surprising new layer to the series. The movie kicks off where 2 left off with John on the run with his new dog. Once again, the Continental again plays a major role in this movie as do returning actors Ian McShane and Lawrence Fishburne. I will not spoil the second half of this movie, but I will tell you it delivers so many “WTF?” moments and creative fighting and shooting sequences, unlike any other movies I have ever seen. Imagine taking John Wick 1 and 2, mashing them together and jamming a Pulp Fiction-sized needle of steroids into it: there you have John Wick 3.

Standout Scenes You Do Not Want to Miss

A few scenes that particularly stood out that you’ll want to watch for:

  • The knife scene: my God, you will know when you see it.

  • The barn: you will get a huge kick out of the use of horses and two German shepherds that are absolute scene-stealers.

  • The third act finale: it does not disappoint.

At my showing, there were quite a few cheers and a few people cringing as if they could feel what a few poor bad guys were suffering through on screen. As you might guess, I cannot recommend this movie enough based on a brilliant combination of unreal action sequences and a very solid story underneath a mountain of blood and shells.

Bonus Content Alert

One last thing that must be pointed out, if you think Keanu Reeves used a stunt double for his shooting scenes, watch the YouTube video which shows him weapons training with a Navy Seal. It is most impressive.

Bonus Bathroom Break Tip

The best time to go is when John hits the desert, but be quick as an important scene shortly follows.

See you kids next week.

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