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The Team Reacts: Game of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Game of Thrones is finally back for its last season, and the Top 5 for Fighting cast and crew have lots to say. Here are just a few of the reactions from our entire Top 5 for Fighting team after last night's season premiere.

Mike, Host:

Well here I am yet again sitting on my lonely cloud of happiness and positivity, and I wouldn't have it any other way. After more than 500 days of waiting and anticipation Game of Thrones returned, and I loved every minute of it. Yes, I will admit that it was a slower paced episode and with only six episodes, it was unexpected.

However, the reunion glass was more full than Tyrion's wine glass,

Arya and Jon finally seeing each other in their childhood home had ALL the feels, and for the length of one dragon's breath, it felt like their long road of heartbreak was finally over, for now.

Arya and Gendry -- the meeting was foreshadowed by the jolly plump King Robert in episode 1 finally looks to be coming true.

And yet again, Arya and her one-time nemesis, The Hound, finally meet face to face, and it was every bit as snarky as you'd expect.

For me, the moment of the night was the King’s Guard deserting, golden-fisted wearing, sister-banging, king-slaying, Zero-to-Hero...Jaime F** ing LLLLLLLLLLannnnister!!!!’s arrival at Winterfell. Dismounting from his steed only to be greeted by free solo himself, Bran Stark. The look that Bran gave Jamie was classic, and you could almost feel Jamie soiling his golden briefs.

I thought it was another fantastic kick-off to the greatest show to ever "your grace" a TV set. Nothing negative to say from this fan. Now if you excuse me, I need to go feed my Dire Wolf.

Greg, Host:

I finished Season 7 Sunday at 12:30 am. If I had waited for two years for that episode last night, I would have kicked both my cats. I understand setup. I WANT setup. But this season has been set up for nine years. Let’s go!

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I am very, very, glad I was privileged enough to watch the Unsullied march into Winterfell for over 5 minutes. Now I am CONVINCED they know how to march in a straight line!

The things I loved about the exchange between Sam and Daenerys: (1) she told him, (2) his glass cage of emotions, and (3) the fact she felt compassion for him. This exchange was one of the best parts of the episode, only after...

Theon rescuing Yara: This was perfect, even when she dropped his ass. Love that she told Theon he should fight for Winterfell. Great character arcs.

Arya reunites with everyone, but what does she want Gendry to build?

Tyrion is still my favorite. And Cersei is not – elephants or no.

And for one moment, everyone had a legitimate excuse to yell, “Kill it! Kill it with fire!”

Susan, Marketing/Digital Media:

After all the fan buzz speculating that Arya and Gendry are destined to end up together, their reunion left me wanting. There was more emotional resonance between stand-offish exchange between her and The Hound. If this is indeed the direction the writers are going, settle in for a slow burn. After all, there are weapons to forge.

The Yara and Theon reunion was everything I expected it to be: a season-ending betrayal resolved in a single headbutt. #SiblingGoals

Oh, Sansa, you little ice queen. I know why you are acting this way, and you bring up some excellent points. Yes, it will be hard to feed that many people. Yes, Tyrion was uncharacteristically unwise to trust his sister. But your attempts to speak truth to power are reading less like Catelyn and more like Cersei. I'm hoping this resolves soon. We don't have time for five episodes of infighting.

The more I watch this show, the more my love grows for the side characters. I never thought that I’d root for The Hound or Tormund to be among the final survivors. And writers, you better not harm so much as a finger – or at least any more fingers – on everyone’s favorite surrogate dad, Ser Davos. If you do, prepare for your houses to be pelted with onions.

Any living being with blue eyes in this war may be seriously screwed.

Jacob, Producer Extraordinaire:

Game of Thrones was on?

Greg and MIke will be recording a Game of Thrones episode this week, which will post on Monday, April 23, 2019.

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